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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We do accept returns on our website

How to place a return?

1. Write an email to, make sure you mention your order ID and the reason why you want to return the order
2. Once this is done, we will pick up the order from your address, make sure you hand all the products received to the pickup agent, including bills, bags, and, tags
3. Make sure you do not send used products, damaged products, or wrong items and the product should be packed and delivered back to us in a proper way.
4. In case you received any freebies, or free products along with your order, please do handover everything at the time of reverse pickup
5. If at the time of refund, we find that you haven't sent any promotional stuff with the order, e.g: freebies, or free products, then no refund will be made until we receive all the items
6. In case you didn't send all the items in the reverse pickup, you have to send the rest of the items at your own cost
7. Pickup will be attempted only 2 times, if you’re unable to hand the shipment to the courier partners then you have to deliver the shipment to our warehouse/registered company address at your own cost
8. Refunds will be made through gift cards

The refund process will only be initiated once we have received the product back in our warehouse, we have to complete the quality check and verifications from our end, usually, this process takes 24 to-48 hours.

Note: Make sure  to record the unboxing video to maintain clarity and prevent misunderstandings, ensuring a smoother experience for all involved.

The policy was last updated on 02/05/2024